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Frosting Recipes

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It is the frosting that makes the cake. Having a great frosting can make an otherwise normal cake amazing. There are so many different kinds and flavors of frosting, you can make a different one every time!

Collage of frosting recipes.

So whether you are looking for a meringue style frosting or a simple American buttercream, there is sure to be a recipe for every occasion in this collection. So browse these options and make a few.

If you are a frosting fanatic like me, check out my Frosting 101. It goes through the different types and explains what makes each unique.

Or just pick a recipe below to try. There are so many different flavors and textures of frosting to try!

Homemade frosting is so much better than what you can get at the store. This collection of recipes is sure to have something you will love. There are all sorts of different textures and flavors to explore. Pick a recipe or two to whip up today!

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