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Hi there! Welcome to Cooking With Carlee. I’m Carlee, the recipe developer, food stylist and photographer behind this food blog.

I like to share family friendly recipes that even the busiest cook can pull off. There are lots of quick and easy meal ideas and plenty of desserts to go with them.

I share recipes that have been in my family for generations. You may spy a handwritten recipe card or two that came straight from one of my grandma’s recipe boxes.

Headshot of Carlee in blue dress.

I have recipes from great-grandmas and even one or two from great-great-grandmas as well. But that doesn’t mean I shy away from modern conveniences.

I also have fun new recipes that will help busy cooks get tasty meals on the table. Sometimes that means using a pressure cooker, slow cooker, or air fryer.

Sometimes that just means using a few shortcuts to make life easier. I get it, I’m busy too and don’t always have hours to spend preparing a meal.

I am usually known for my desserts, especially frosting, but we do like to eat a great variety of recipes.  You’ll find lots of quick and easy dinner recipes and fun breakfasts as well.

I believe cooking is not just about creating a meal, but also about creating memories and bringing people together. I hope that these recipes inspire you to cook more at home and to share the joy of good food with those you love.

Whether you are a novice in the kitchen, or an experienced cook, you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes and helpful tips if you have a look around the site. I strive to make my recipes easy to recreate in your kitchen.

About The Website

Cooking With Carlee started as a passion project to try new recipes and preserve the recipes my family has always loved.  It has turned into so much more than that now. 

My whole family gets involved. They are all great taste testers, grumblers when I am taking too long to snap pictures of something they want to eat, and brain stormers when I need some help coming up with ideas.

Picture of Carlee along with her son, Little Dude, and husband.

I started 2015 with a goal to start collecting family recipes and trying them all.  I wanted to be sure to get all of our favorites recorded while I had a chance.

This blog was an afterthought.  Why not have a place where my cousins could also get the recipes?

It is amazing how quickly things change.  What started as a way to share grandma’s recipes with my family has turned into so much more.

Now it is a community of cooks trying to make tasty food for the people they love. It is also a resource for people who just need something easy to feed their family.

I have loved watching the blog grow and change. I have formed some wonderful friendships in the process and gotten to have the most interesting conversations with people from around the world.

Black and white picture of Little Dude enjoying his first birthday cake.

At the heart of it, the mission still remains the same though. I want to share recipes that bring people together.

That way the recipes that are so steeped in nostalgia for us can evoke similar memories for the next generation. And families can still sit down around the dinner table and discus what happened during the day.

The Next Generation

Now that Little Dude is getting older, he is getting involved too. He helps to make some of the recipes.

He has even taken some of the pictures you see on the site. He is a big reason why we make videos cooking together on YouTube!

So if you would like to see us doing some cooking together, be sure to check out our channel. 

Check it out and give us a like or subscribe.  It would really make our day!

Thanks for stopping by Cooking With Carlee for a visit. If you would like to work together, check out my work with me page.

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