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Condensed Milk Buttercream Frosting

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Adding a little sweetened condensed milk to buttercream makes it feel extra special.  It adds that little bit of rich depth of flavor you can’t get anywhere else. This condensed milk buttercream has all of the pros of American buttercream with the goodness of condensed milk mixed in.

Rich chocolate cupcakes decorated with white and yellow condensed milk buttercream and pink and white sprinkles.

If you are looking for a fun twist on frosting for your cakes and cupcakes, you have come to the right place. Condensed milk buttercream can easily be spread over layer cakes, piped on cupcakes and used for intricate decorations. 

It adds the rich, sweet goodness of sweetened condensed milk for that little something extra you can’t quite put your finger on.  It will set your baked goods apart in a delicious way!

Just Like Our Favorite Local Bakery

Our favorite local bakery, Underbrinks, has the most delicious treats.  It is one of those where with every bite you wonder what it is that sets it apart and why when you try to recreate it at home it is always just missing that little something.

I like that it has that little special something.  I like the mystery.  

MiMi can’t handle a mystery.  She has to know!

chocolate banana cupcakes with white condensed milk buttercream being piped on one.

She has tried everything.  She ordered different flavorings and baking emulsions trying to get just the right combination.  They were good, but not quite the same!

So after pestering asking very nicely (I’m sure!) a former employee.  She thinks she has finally put her finger on what sets their frosting apart…  sweetened condensed milk.

Genius, isn’t it?!  The liquid gold we use to give baked goods that little extra richness.  The thick delicious can of wonder.  How come I never tried it in a frosting before?

 You know I love playing with frosting.  So it is hard to believe that thought had never crossed my mind.  So I went to work to make a sweetened condensed milk buttercream.

mini angel food cakes with white frosting and sides and purple frosting flowers on top, surrounded with bright colored candy.

 One of their most famous treats are the upside down angel food cupcakes that are iced, airy and perfect.  So I had to make a batch of similar and smear them with this frosting as well!

It may not be exactly like theirs, but it doesn’t matter (to me anyway, we’ll see what MiMi has to say when she tries it!) It is darn good!

cupcakes with swirls of white sweetened condensed milk frosting piped on top.

 The sweetened condensed milk makes for a really silky smooth finish and gives that little extra rich flavor.  It also takes the edge off the powdered sugar flavor that buttercream frosting can sometimes get.

This version isn’t too super sweet, but it is plenty sweet.  A batch generously frosts a standard cake and is plenty for a nice big mound on a dozen cupcakes.

More frosting recipes that use sweetened condensed milk

Chocolate sweetened condensed milk frosting uses cocoa powder to get great chocolate flavor while keeping it from getting too sweet. 

Creamy caramel sweetened condensed milk frosting is rich and utterly delicious. This frosting is perfect for chocolate, banana and apple cakes

Mixer whisk loaded with fluffy white condensed milk buttercream.

Lemon sweetened condensed milk frosting is bright and delicious.  I love it on lemon velvet cake, but the possibilities are endless.

Super fudgy sweetened condensed milk icing is more of a pour over frosting.  It’s not good for piping, but will cover a layer cake with ease.

Russian buttercream is a 3 ingredient frosting that uses sweetened condensed milk and no powdered sugar. It is rich, buttery and super creamy.

Tips, Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions

This recipe is perfect for frosting a 9×13″ cake or for spreading over a batch of cupcakes.

If you are frosting a layer cake or like to pipe a nice mound of frosting on cupcakes, you may want to consider making 1 1/2 batches.

This frosting pipes really well.  Just adjust the final consistency to your liking with a bit more powdered sugar or sweetened condensed milk as needed.

beater full of sweetened condensed milk buttercream frosting.

This frosting also forms a light crust, making it easier to transport cakes and cupcakes as well.

It takes color great! I prefer to use gel coloring, but any food coloring will do.

You can play with the flavors! Try adding a bit of almond or lemon if you’d like something a bit different.

Storing Buttercream

Because of the sugar content, this frosting can be stored at room temperature for up to three days.   If it is going to be longer than that, it should be refrigerated.

I prefer to make my frosting right before I use it.  That way the consistency is true to what it will be when I use it.

Frosted cakes can also be stored at room temperature as long as none of the fillings require refrigeration.  Room temperature cakes generally have the most flavor and best texture.

However if you need to transport the cake, chill it first.  That helps to set the frosting and firm everything up. 

You are less likely to have a cake transportation disaster with a well chilled cake. Just allow the cake to slowly come back up to room temperature before serving.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this frosting! If you make some, be sure to tell me about it in the comments or on social media!

Does this condensed milk buttercream form a crust?

Because this recipe is built on an American buttercream base, it does form a light crust. That makes it perfect for piping intricate designs and for transportation. An hour or two in the refrigerator will help to set the frosting faster if you are in a hurry.

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Rich chocolate cupcakes decorated with white and yellow condensed milk buttercream and pink and white sprinkles.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Buttercream Frosting

Adding a little "liquid gold" sweetened condensed milk to buttercream makes it feel extra special. It add that little bit of rich depth of flavor you can't get anywhere else!
4.55 from 140 ratings
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 24 Servings
Calories 132 kcal



  • 1 cup butter softened
  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 to 4 Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk


  • Cream butter together until smooth and light.
  • Add vanilla and 3 Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, beating until smooth.
  • Add powdered sugar, a cup at a time mixing until completely incorporated after each addition.
  • Turn mixer to high and beat for a couple of minutes, until light and fluffy.
  • Add a little more powdered sugar or sweetened condensed milk if necessary to get your desired consistency.
  • Use immediately or store in the refrigerator. To use from the refrigerator, bring to room temperature and whip slightly then use as normal.



Serving: 1servingCalories: 132kcalCarbohydrates: 15gFat: 8gSaturated Fat: 5gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 21mgSodium: 65mgSugar: 15g
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Adding a little “liquid gold” sweetened condensed milk to buttercream makes it feel extra special.  It add that little bit of rich depth of flavor you can’t get anywhere else!

Thanks for sharing!

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Friday 21st of April 2023

Please add me to your newsletter great recipes


Friday 21st of April 2023

Sure thing, I've got you added. Thank you!

Irene wbiyelaw

Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Haven't tried your recipe yet. It is just wbat i have been looking for


Wednesday 22nd of March 2023

I hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Can I use vegan butter


Tuesday 21st of March 2023

I don't see why not. As long as it has a similar consistency to butter and generally works well in frostings, it should work great.


Saturday 25th of June 2022

I used the recipe exactly and to me that's all I can taste is powder sugar. I don't understand.

Michele Benton

Monday 21st of March 2022

Is the icing off white or is it white?


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

It is pretty white, though maybe not a pure white. It colors well and a little white coloring would take it the rest of the way to white if you want it to be a stark white.