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Cheesecake Recipes

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There are so many delicious ways to enjoy cheesecake. These recipes cover classic baked cheesecakes, no bake cheesecake and even cheesecake in a jar. Enjoy this collection of cheesecake recipes that includes all different types and flavors of everyone’s favorite rich and creamy dessert.

Collage of cheesecake images, plain, lemon, apple butter and cookie dough cheesecake slices.

Get ready to indulge in pure creamy goodness with these delightful cheesecake recipes that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. Whether you are a fan of classic flavors or looking to explore some unique flavor combinations, this collection of recipes has something for everyone.

Tips and Tricks for Great Cheesecakes

Your cream cheese should always be at room temperature before you get started. Cold cream cheese increases the risk of lumps in your final product, and we want that smooth creamy finish we all know and love.

Also, unless the recipe states otherwise, you want to use full fat cream cheese. That is how you get the best texture and flavor.

Don’t overmix the filling. You want to get the cream cheese smooth, but don’t want to make it unstable.

Also, too many air bubbles in the mix can cause cracking. Mix it enough to get it smooth, but don’t beat it on high.

For baked cheesecakes, don’t open the oven. You want it to bake as evenly as possible.

Also, let your baked cheesecake cool slowly. To quick of a temperature change can cause it to crack.

For no-bake cheesecakes, make sure to give them plenty of time to chill. It usually requires several hours in the refrigerator to reach peak stability.

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