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Sweet Potato Side Dishes for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanks for sharing!

Sweet potatoes can be made into so many different side dishes.  Here is a collection of recipes that are perfect not only for Thanksgiving, but for any dinner menu.
collage of sweet potato side dishes

    Sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient that can be made into so many things. They are a staple on many Thanksgiving tables, but they don’t have to be limited to the holiday table.  Here are great recipes that turn our favorite orange vegetable into fabulous side dishes that we will want to have time and again.

    I have a bit of a sad story to tell.  I love sweet potatoes, but my husband and Little Dude do not.  I know, heartbreaking…
     But that does not mean I don’t make them. To the contrary, that just gives me a challenge to find a way to fix them that they enjoy.
     If they don’t happen to love a certain preparation, that just means more for me! That’s not really the worst outcome in the world.
     Sweet potatoes are a naturally sweet vegetable that are high in fiber, various vitamins and minerals.  They are actually members of the morning glory family. Strange, huh?
     They are especially known for their high vitamin A content.  One sweet potato can give you up to 400% of your recommended daily value.
      So it is worth the effort to find recipes we all enjoy.  As I continue to search for the right ones to get the boys to like them, I am loading up on my vitamins!
      Of course we always make a sweet potato dish or two for Thanksgiving.  It just wouldn’t be a complete menu without them.
      My sister requires the marshmallow covered candied sweet potatoes to be happy.  My grandpa prefers sweet potato casserole with pecans on top.
       We are a group of people pleasers and I am not the only one in my family who loves through food.  So we make both… and any other requests we hear along the way!
      But sweet potatoes do not have to be reserved for Thanksgiving.  In fact, I think we should make an effort to enjoy them all year long!
       So here is a collection of recipes that will help keep us all interested in more sweet potatoes!
candied sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows

Nothing says classic Thanksgiving sweet potatoes like candied sweet potatoes topped with golden brown marshmallows.  This is my sister’s favorite way to enjoy sweet potatoes and I certainly don’t turn my nose up at them either. They are a must at our family holiday table.

maple mashed sweet potatoes on spoon

Maple mashed sweet potatoes are incredibly flavorful and incredibly easy. Maple syrup enhances the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes and brings a nice subtle maple flavor to the finished dish.

savory sweet potato layer bake

This easy to make savory sweet potato layer bake is full of onions, Parmesan, Monterey Jack cheese and of course sweet potatoes. It is baked to golden perfection.

parmesan herb roasted sweet potatoes

These Parmesan herb roasted sweet potatoes are seasoned with a blend of Parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs. Oven roasted until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this easy recipe is full of flavor and the perfect side dish for just about any meal.

piece of maple crunch sweet potato casserole

If you like sweet potato casserole, you are in for a treat. This maple crunch sweet potato casserole is loaded with the good stuff. Maple, pecans and even a crunchy oatmeal topping. It is sized for a holiday crowd and ready for a party!

square baking dish of maple crunch sweet potato casserole

For a smaller crowd, you can make a smaller version of the sweet potato casserole.  You don’t have to give up any of the flavor, just some of the size!

twice baked sweet potatoes with maple and walnut topping

Take sweet potatoes to the next level with this recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes with maple and walnut topping.

candied sweet potatoes

Candied sweet potatoes is any easy side dish recipe that tastes like a dessert. Tender sweet potato rounds are covered in a rich, buttery glaze. It’s so decadent!

duchess sweet potatoes on dinner plate with chicken and brussels sprouts

Fancy up your sweet potatoes without much effort! These lovely duchess sweet potatoes make your dinner plate look nice and they taste delicious. Nobody will ever guess how easy they were to make. 

scalloped sweet potatoes with garlic and bacon

Grace your table with scalloped sweet potatoes with bacon and garlic. It’s great for holidays or weeknight dinners. 

air fryer sweet potato fries

Delicious sweet potato fries made in your air fryer. It’s a healthy easy side dish recipe with lots of flavor.

mini sweet potato cakes with caramel sauce and ice cream

In case you need a dessert to go with all of your side dishes, I highly recommend sweet potato baby cakes with sticky caramel sauce. They are the perfect fall dessert and would be right at home on your Thanksgiving table.

Sweet potatoes can be made into so many different side dishes. Here is a collection of recipes that are perfect not only for Thanksgiving, but for any dinner menu.

Thanks for sharing!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies

Saturday 9th of November 2019

These all sound delicious!


Tuesday 5th of November 2019

We love sweet potatoes and eat them a lot. You have some good recipes here. Thank you.


Monday 28th of October 2019

I ❤️ Sweet Potatoes too! Just bake them well and give me some cinnamon. I'm a low maintenance sweet potato girl.


Monday 4th of November 2019

That is a great way to have them!

Andrea Nine

Monday 28th of October 2019

Yes to them all! It would not be Thanksgiving without my sweet potato crisp casserole but I am certainly saving this as I like a sweet potato side with all kinds of meals! Yum.


Monday 4th of November 2019

I could eat sweet potatoes all the time if only I could convince my boys!