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I Choo-Choose You Train Valentines

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These cute trains are happy to tell your Valentines that you Choo-choose them! They are fun to make and sure to chug right into your friends’ hearts!

valentines made from juice boxes and candy to look like train engines

     You may have noticed by now that Little Dude and I like to do it up on a holiday.  Valentines Day is no exception.   While there are plenty of fun treats and cards in the store, we like to do something a bit more homemade for his friends.

     Usually that means we bake cookies.  A couple of years ago we did peanut butter blossom hearts for his friends.  We bagged up a few for each of his friends and brought a tray to daycare.

supplies of candy and juice boxes ready to be glued together

     Last year he was all about the sprinkles.  So we did sour cream cut out cookies frosted with a simple crusting buttercream.  Of course he helped sprinkle them up.  These were actually a repeat of his first Valentine’s Day treats when we did some chocolate sour cream cutouts as well!

     This year his heart was set on trains.  With our busy schedules, I wasn’t sure I was up for baking and decorating that many train cookies.  Luckily there are other options besides cookies for Valentines!  Just because that seems to be our traditional treat, doesn’t mean we can’t do something different.

Valentines assembly line

    So we decided to break out the hot glue gun and go to work.  We found some great inspiration on Pinterest like these trains from The Keeper of the Cheerios.  So we put together our grocery list and warmed up the glue guns!

   We decided to cut out hears for windows to the engine to give ourselves a place to write who the treat was from.  Little Dude isn’t a mint fan and they aren’t really little kid friendly, so we went with an extra kiss for the front wheels.

assembled trains ready to give to friends

    I couldn’t find little boxes of Nerds on their own in the store and I didn’t want to buy enough mega mix bags to get the job done, so I ended up ordering the Nerds online.  The rest we picked up in the store and we were off to the races.

    Luckily we had enough supplies to make some treats for some aunts and uncles we were seeing as well.  They loved them!  So we can’t wait to give the rest of them to his friends.

    That is the other nice thing about doing treats like these instead of baking cookies.  We were able to do them over the weekend for the big day on Wednesday.  That means I get to share them with you in time for you to recreate it if you’d like and we don’t have to stay up late the night before frosting cookies!

    So if you happen to know any of the littles at his daycare….. shhhhh!  We can’t wait to surprise his friends with his treats!

cupcake valentines card from a friend

    While we are on the subject of Valentines and sweetness.  My friend Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine sent me a sweet little note the other day.

    She included some stickers for Little Dude.  She definitely gets us with my love for cupcakes and his love for stickers.  He is “saving them for something special.”

     Do you have any fun plans for Valentines Day?  I’d love to hear all about your traditions and treats!

Yield: 1 Valentine

I Choo-Choose You Train Valentines

Valentines trains made out of juice boxes and candy.

These cute valentines are sure to chug their way right into your heart. A juice box, candy and a glue gun and you are in business!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 juice box
  • 3 mini Reese’s pieces
  • 2 Hershey’s Kisses
  • 2 mini boxes of Nerds
  • Paper


  • Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Glue two Nerds boxes to the top of a juice box laid on its side. 
  2. Glue two Reese’s peanut butter cups to the bottom as the rear wheels and another to the top for the base of the smokestack. 
  3. Glue a Kiss to the smokestack peanut butter cup and one as the front wheel. 
  4. Cut out hearts and write your Valentines message.  Glue to the Nerds boxes. 
  5. Pass out and collect smiles 😉 

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These cute valentines are sure to chug their way right into your heart. A juice box, candy and a glue gun and you are in business!

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