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How to Make a Tooth Cupcake Pull-apart Cake

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Make a cute tooth shaped cake made completely out of cupcakes. Then each person can just grab a cupcake to enjoy!

cupcake pull apart cake in the shape of a tooth with happy birthday and toothbrushes piped on in frosting.

Cupcake pull-apart cakes are such a fabulous way to serve dessert at a party. There’s no slicing necessary.

You don’t even necessarily need dessert plates or silverware. It so simple and fun!

I first got into making pull-apart cakes a few years ago when I made a lamb cupcake cake. Since then I have made several more.

There was a beehive pull-apart cake a few Easters ago, and a carrot cupcake cake too. The Grinch cupcake cake made an appearance at a Dr. Seuss party.

A Jack Skellington cupcake cake was perfect for a Halloween season birthday for my husband. They have all been hits and easier to make than you might think.

So when my grandpa’s 90th birthday rolled around, it seemed like a cupcake cake was in order. He was a practicing dentist for most of his adult life, so a tooth seemed appropriate.

His usual birthday cake request is a chocolate cake with white buttercream. So I made a batch of semi-homemade chocolate cupcakes and a nice big batch of fluffy white chocolate buttercream.

chocolate cupcakes arranged in tooth pattern.

First make sure you have plenty of cupcakes. Really any flavor will work great.

Arrange them like so on a big board. Put a little dab of frosting under a few cupcakes to help anchor them to the board.

On the subject of frosting, be sure to make plenty. You not only need enough to cover the cupcakes, but enough to fill the gaps as well.

Starting to spread out scoops of frosting over arranged cupcakes.

We like to scoop a bit of relatively stiff frosting on each cupcake. The stiffer frosting will form a nice base and fill the gaps without slumping all the way to the board.

Then I like to loosen up some of the frosting a bit to make it easier to smooth. A quick layer of that gives you nice smooth white tooth enamel.

Frosting more spread out over cupcakes.

To celebrate the occasion, I quickly piped on a happy birthday message with a couple of frosting toothbrushes. You could easily put on a face or whatever decoration you’d like.

My handwriting is terrible and I have very little artistic ability. So I like to trace it out with a toothpick on the base layer of frosting before I pull out the piping bag.

cupcake pull-apart cake in the shape of a molar tooth with white frosting.

If I don’t like it, I can smooth it out. Then when I’m happy-ish with it, I can do the real deal.

Luckily I have Little Dude to help me. If the two of us can pull it off, you can too!

Have you ever made a cupcake cake? What shapes have you made.

If you happen to have a picture, share it on social media and tag me. I’d love to see it!

Make a cute tooth shaped cake made completely out of cupcakes. Then each person can just grab a cupcake to enjoy!

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