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Sheet Pan Bacon and Egg in a Basket

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Make eggs in a hole for the whole family at once with the help of a sheet pan. This recipe adds bacon as well, so it’s sure to make you the hero of your breakfast table!

close up of sheet pan with toast filled with bacon and eggs and circles of toast down the middle

     Whether you call them bullseye eggs, Popeye eggs, eggs in a basket or even camel eye eggs, I think we can agree that the idea is simple and the results are delicious.  This recipe adds the thing the classic is missing, bacon! Plus it allows you to make 6 yummy slices at once. Making breakfast for the family just got a whole lot more enjoyable!

plate of partially cooked bacon, brown eggs and slices of bread ready to be assembled

      Ever since we shared how we make eggs in a hole, we have been obsessed.  Somehow I had been negligent as a mother and Little Dude didn’t know what they were.

     Well he knows now. And he asks for them at least a couple of times a week.

       They are plenty easy to make, so I don’t mind. But it does require a little standing over the stove if we all want to eat two each.

eggs and bacon in holes cut in the center of bread on sheet pan ready to cook

     After making the sheet pan pancake, I’ve been on the lookout for other ways to feed the whole family breakfast favorites at the same time.  Making the eggs in one bigger batch made a lot of sense.

     I’ve made a Tex-Mex sheet pan eggs recipe in the past, so I knew this would work well too. So we were off to the races.

Tips and tricks

You start this recipe by partially cooking some bacon. If you want to cook the whole pound of bacon, just remove the strips you need after 6 minutes and bake the rest for an additional 10 minutes or until it’s cooked to your liking.

You can leave the bacon out if you prefer. Just be sure to grease the sheet pan really well.  You don’t want your eggs sticking.

sheet pan filled with bacon and eggs in a hole fresh from the oven

If you family has mixed egg yolk preferences like ours does, break the yolks of some of the eggs. That way you can have some cooked solid and some runny yolks and everyone can still eat at the same time.

Feel free to jazz these up by sprinkling them with cheese before you cook them. It will melt in as the eggs cook.

bacon and egg in a basket on plate ready to eat

If you want to see exactly how easy these are, you can watch the video Little Dude and I made. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there.

Yield: 6 Servings

Sheet Pan Bacon and Egg in a Basket

sheet pan with toast circles and eggs in a hole with bacon

Make eggs in a hole for the whole family at once with the help of a sheet pan. This recipe adds bacon as well, so it's sure to make you the hero of your breakfast table!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 6 slices bacon
  • 6 slices bread
  • 1-2 Tablespoons butter, softened
  • 6 large eggs
  • salt & pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. 
  2. Place the bacon strips on a rimmed baking sheet and partially cook for 5-7 minutes.  Remove to a paper towel lined plate to cool. (If you want to cook the remaining bacon from the package, just return it to the oven for about 7-10 more minutes or until it reaches your desired crispiness.)
  3. Drain the excess grease from the sheet pan.
  4. Butter 1 side of each slice of bread.  Using a biscuit cutter or rim of a drinking glass, cut a hole out of the center of each slice. Place them butter side down on the sheet pan.  Place the circles on the sheet pan as well.
  5. Cut each slice of bacon in half and make an X across the hole in each slice of bread.
  6. Crack an egg into each hole as well. Then season with salt and pepper.
  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking. 

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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 242Total Fat: 14gSaturated Fat: 6gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 208mgSodium: 496mgCarbohydrates: 16gFiber: 1gSugar: 2gProtein: 13g

All nutritional information is estimated and will depend on the exact ingredients you use.

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Make eggs in a hole for the whole family at once with the help of a sheet pan. This recipe adds bacon as well, so it's sure to make you the hero of your breakfast table!

Thanks for sharing!


Sunday 14th of June 2020

Thanks Carlee. Cheers


Thursday 11th of June 2020

Hi Carlee! Hope you bring this over to Food on Friday - which is just getting under way. Cheers

Frugal Hausfrau

Tuesday 9th of June 2020

Carlee this is a fabulous idea!! I'm boggled!!


Monday 8th of June 2020

Genius! I have never thought of making these in the oven!

Andrea Nine

Monday 8th of June 2020

This makes for such a yummy and easy breakfast not to mention...FUN!!

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