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Pirate Birthday Party

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Little dude wearing pirate vest and hat looking through telescope.

 What a fun couple of days!  Our little pirate has had one heck of a birthday weekend.  It is late and I am tired, so I will keep it brief for now.  

Little dude with his birthday donut and chocolate milk.

I am sure I’ll come back in a couple of days and clean up some pictures and tell you more about the festivities.  In the mean time, I know there are far flung friends and family who want to know how little man’s birthday went.

Little dude holding up 3 fingers while drinking chocolate milk.

    It’s tradition that we go get a donut before daycare for his birthday.  You can’t break a two for two streak, so we made it three for three!

 We go so infrequently that he asked where donuts lived when we were talking about it the night before.  The mom in me was proud that he didn’t know as he hadn’t been there since his last birthday, the sweet tooth in me died a little bit! 😉

cupcakes decorated like monkeys with chocolate frosting and vanilla wafers.

The cupcakes were banana, of course. (Recipe here.)

With chocolate sweetened condensed milk frosting. (Recipe and instructions here.)

We took monkey cupcakes to share with his friends at daycare.  He said they were so cool when he saw them and was very happy to report back that his friends loved them!  He is at such a fun age for this stuff!

Cake decorate like a treasure chest filled with candy jewels, necklaces and gold coins.

The treasure chest cake was made from a Devilishly Good Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Buttercream.

   He also thought his treasure chest cake was very cool.  It didn’t quite turn out how I had envisioned, but I was glad that it made him so happy.  Besides, a cake with plenty of extra frosting to keep it together and stuffed with candy has to be good, right?!

pizza with a treasure map design on it.

After talking about pirate pizza for weeks, we finally got to make it!  This little guy sure knows how to party.

Little dude next to the treasure map painted in the yard next to the x that marks the spot.

My husband was in charge of outdoor decorations.  As these things tend to go, I made suggestions and he executed.

 X marks the spot, so we must be in the right place!  There were a few paths to get to the treasure, so you were sure to find your way no matter where you parked. 

Jolly Roger flag hanging over back door.

 The Jolly Roger flag is normally in my husband’s man cave, but today it warned all who came near that this place is inhabited by pirates!

Board that says walk the plank over blue tarp with shark fins nearby.

Some dads say they’d move mountains for their kids.  My husband moved the ocean for his and put it in the back yard.

That way we could have any scallywags who wandered by walk the plank!  The sharks made the walk all the more treacherous! 

boats made out of half slices of summer sausage with toothpicks holding up cheese sails.

All this pirating makes a crew hungry, so sausage and cheese boats kept hunger at bay while we got ready for the main course. 

Treasure chest made out of pineapple with fruit jewels and grapes strung up like a necklace.

A treasure of many colors!  Making a pineapple treasure chest for the fruit was a fun way to tie it in to the pirate theme. 

IMG 0598

 We had plenty of scurvy dogs to go around.  Sausages and hot dogs are so much better when done on the roller.

 I bought it on a whim after borrowing one for my sister-in-law’s sports themed baby shower and not being able to re-borrow it for Little Dude’s first birthday.

 I decided we might as well just buy one and it has been worth the money.  We only use it a few times a year, but love it every time we do!

Bowl of chips and goldfish crackers with a fish and chips sign.

Fish and chips seemed like a good salty side for our Pirate Pizza and Scurvy Dogs.

putting treasure chest cake down in front of birthday boy.

This was one of the parts of the party that Little Dude was looking most forward to.  For at least a week he was looking forward to his party because everyone was going to come over and sing happy birthday to him. 

Little Dude putting the candles in his cake.

He picked out his candles and arranged them artfully.

Little Dude blowing out the candles on his second cake.

He had two cakes, so he made everyone sing to him twice!  They were all happy to oblige.  

As I put him to bed, he was telling me all about it again.  Everyone sang to him, except baby Benjamin.  

But that is just because he doesn’t know how to sing yet.  He will sing too when he gets older.  

I just love that after all of the presents and candy and running around that getting sung to was one of his highlights!

Opening presents in the backyard.

Getting his present from MiMi and Pops.

A little pirate and his Nana pirate

 Nanas makes and excellent first mate!  

The pirate family ready for a party.

The little captain and his parents. 

Baby sitting in the grass.

Baby Daxton had a great time watching the cap’n run around!

Great grandma walking the plank and trying to avoid the sharks.

Two of Jax’s great-grandmas had to walk the plank!

Another great-grandma walking the plank with the pirate in the background.

Luckily neither was eaten by sharks!

Little girl walking the plank.

His betrothed thought she was a mermaid and had more fun in the water than on the plank!

Little pirate walking the plank.

The lil’ cap’n scoffed in the face of walking the plank and ran it instead (about a hundred times!)

Little pirate about half way across the plank.

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