Cute Halloween Recipes

The spooky chocolate ghosts in the graveyard trifle is perfect for a Halloween party. You can make everything from scratch or take a few shortcuts to make it faster and easier. Either way, it is sure to be a hit!

pumpkin patch dirt pudding is a cute option and the free truck printable is included!

If you like dirt pudding, these fun Frankenstein cups are perfect for you. They are cute, easy to make and portable too!

Franky Pudding Cups:

These Jack-o-lantern cookies have a tasty pumpkin cookie as a base. the candy and frosting decoration are so fun!

This Jack Skellington cupcake cake is perfect for a party. People just grab a cupcake and go!

These Frankenstein cupcakes are cute and easy too. They are perfect for class parties.

Mummy rice krispie treats are super easy and tasty too!