Coffee Flavored Dessert Recipes

Attention coffee lovers, this collection of recipes is for you. Coffee-flavored desserts are one of the best ways to appreciate the aroma and flavor of coffee beyond your morning cup of joe.

Coffee and cream brownies are layers of rich chocolate and creamy coffee frosting.

Coffee and cream sponge cake wrapped in mocha whipped cream is a tasty adult treat.

This coffee angel food cake is light and fluffy. The best part is, it is beyond simple to make.

Coffee pound cake is a rich and delicious cake. Add the coffee glaze to make it even better.

This frozen coffee pie is refreshing and flavorful. It is creamy and oh so tasty.

Coffee and cream cinnamon buns are a perfect way to put even more coffee on the breakfast table.

Mocha no bake cheesecake is fluffy and not too sweet. It's great for when you don't want to heat the kitchen.

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