Creamy Broccoli Slaw Recipe

If you like broccoli salad, you are going to love this broccoli cranberry slaw.  It is full of crunch, bacon, sweet tart berries and a light creamy dressing. It's perfect for picnics, BBQs and more.


Broccoli Slaw  Miracle Whip  Apple Cider Vinegar  Sugar  Bacon  Cranberries 

Mix together dressing ingredients. Add broccoli slaw, red onions, bacon and dried cranberries.


It may not seem like enough dressing, but go ahead and cover it and chill the salad for a couple of hours.

Give the salad a stir. Adjust the seasonings to your liking and then serve.

It is a perfect mix of sweet, savory, salty and crunchy. Broccoli slaw is a great make ahead salad.

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