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Side Dish Recipes

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Coming up with tasty side dishes can be the hardest part of meal planning sometimes. These tasty side dish recipes run the gamut, there is something to go with any entrée.

Collage of side dish images including brussels sprouts, corn salad, blt pasta salad and acorn squash mac and cheese.

Choosing A Side Dish For The Dinner Table

Here are some tips for selecting a delicious and the perfect accompaniment for your meal:

Consider the main course: The side dish should always complement the main course. If you’re serving a heavy main course like steak or roast beef, consider a lighter side dish like roasted vegetables or a salad. If the main course is light, such as grilled fish or chicken, consider a heartier side dish like rice or potatoes.

Add variety: A balanced meal includes a variety of flavors and textures. Consider choosing a side dish with a different texture than the main course, such as crispy roasted Brussels sprouts with a tender steak or a creamy pasta salad with grilled chicken.

Consider the occasion: For formal occasions, a more sophisticated side dish like roasted asparagus or garlic mashed potatoes may be appropriate. For casual gatherings, consider more relaxed options like grilled corn or coleslaw.

Think about the season: The season can also influence your choice of side dish. For example, in the summer, a fresh watermelon salad or grilled zucchini may be perfect, while in the fall, roasted root vegetables or a warm pumpkin soup may be more fitting.

Overall, the key is to choose a side dish that complements the main course, adds variety to the meal, and accommodates any dietary restrictions or preferences. Here are some ideas of the best side dishes I think work great with this recipe.

Let me know if you find a new favorite among these recipes. Or let me know if you have a favorite that you would like for me to make and share.

Thanks for sharing!