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How to Turn a Jar of Hot Chocolate into Rudolph

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Jar of hot chocolate mix decorated to look like rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

Now that we have made enough Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix to give to everyone, it is time to make it feel like more of a gift.  What better way than to turn the jar into Rudolph?  

This is so easy and super cute.  With a couple of pipe cleaners and a couple of eye balls your jar goes from blah to fab in just a coupe of minutes. 

Jar of hot chocolate mix, large googly eyes, pipe cleaner antlers, scissors ready to be made into reindeer next to mug of hot chocolate.

Gather your materials.  A brown pipe cleaner or two, a red one and some big googly eyes will get the job done.  

Of course a cup of hot chocolate is required.  This mug happens to be filled with white hot chocolate.  

Don’t worry, I am sharing that recipe soon enough!  Roll the red pipe cleaner around itself so you have a nice round red nose.  

Fold the brown pipe cleaner in half,  Use a couple of smaller sections of pipe cleaner to wrap around the end and create antlers. 

Red pipe cleaner rolled into a circle for a nose, large googly eyes and pipe cleaner antlers ready to go on jar of hot chocolate mix.

See, easy as pie hot chocolate!  He looks a little surprised, doesn’t he?

Hot glue gun next to jar of hot chocolate mix decorated like rudolph.

Watch out!  You know things are getting crazy when we break out the glue gun.  A few dabs here and a little dab there and you are ready to go!

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