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DIY Baseball Baby Shower

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A little rookie is coming soon, so it’s time to celebrate! This baseball shower was a perfect way to celebrate my sister and my soon to be nephew.

Round layered cake decorated like a baseball.

You may remember that I through my middle sister a bridal shower brunch last fall.  Well, guess what?!  I just had the chance to throw her a baby shower as well!  

I think she liked the last shower so much that she couldn’t wait to have an excuse for another one!  I kid, I kid.  But really, I am going to be an aunt in a couple of months, so we wanted to make sure that the baby has everything he needs.

basket of caramel corn, scoops and popcorn bags.

 Of course within a few minutes of her announcing she was pregnant, I went into party planning mode.  Since my sister’s mother-in-law lives quite a few hours of drive time away, we wanted to make sure it would be on a weekend she could attend.  

So we all got out our calendars and picked a weekend that we were all available.  Secretly I had visions of tutus and pink frills dancing in my head, but those were quickly dashed when we found out she was having a little boy.

MiMi and the mother to be.

MiMi offered to host with me and she suggested we do a baseball shower.  That would be perfect!  She has a popcorn maker and I have a hot dog roller, so we were halfway to a party already!  

I’ll spare you all of the planning details and skip to a few pictures.  We had a great time putting it all together and getting a chance to see everyone again.  We hope my sister enjoyed her special day as much as we did and we can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Little dude making popcorn in popcorn cart.

At first little man wasn’t going to stay for the party.  He and daddy were going to go do guy stuff.  

But it turns out he didn’t trust us women-folk to run the popcorn machine or serve ourselves punch.  So he stuck around to keep an eye on us and make sure things ran properly.

little dude next to a jug of blue punch.

Which is good because he made an excellent Vanna White for Jeopardy. (I know she wasn’t on Jeopardy.  Don’t worry I am a child of the 80s and I know this stuff!) I really thought the game was fun, but our guests were too smart.  

They didn’t get a single one wrong.  So in the end, the game was decided by the game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who went first! Next time we’ll have to dig deeper for questions!

Little Dude pulling covers off jeopardy game.

MiMi put together the cutest prizes for the games.  They have bottles of root beer, peanuts, candy and sunflower seeds in them.  I just love it when everything ties to the them!

prizes of bags filled with sunflower seeds, bottles of root beer and candies.

We had the hot dog roller going, nachos, veggies and fruit too, but I didn’t get many pictures of that.  I did, however, get plenty of pictures of the sweets!

White chocolate coated Oreos with red icing on them to look like baseballs.

Baseball white chocolate covered Oreos. 

Twinkies on sticks with red frosting ketchup to look like corndogs.

Twinkies masquerading as corn dogs with ketchup.  Speaking of which, this is an ongoing discussion.  Is it acceptable to put ketchup on hot dogs? What about corn dogs?!

round layer cake iced with white chocolate buttercream and red laces to look like a baseball.

The cookies and cream cake with white chocolate buttercream, because you need a cake at a shower!

cellophane bags filled with caramel corn and tied with ribbon.

And each of our guests had a bag of homemade caramel corn to take home with them. 

We had so much showering my sister with love! Then my dad and brothers came over that night to help eat the leftovers and play some whiffle ball with little dude.  It was a pretty nice way to spend the day! 

A little rookie is coming soon, so it’s time to celebrate! This baseball shower was a perfect way to celebrate my sister and my soon to be nephew!

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Saturday 29th of June 2019

Great work.

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

You are such an amazing party planner!! So creative!


Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Thank you so much!

Sue @ Frugal Gifts 2 Give

Friday 30th of June 2017

This was so cleaver and cute! Thank you for sharing on Funtastic Friday Link Party! :)


Saturday 1st of July 2017

Thank you!


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

Congratulations auntie!! Now little man will have someone to hang out with him. He must be like his mom and love to enjoy good food, good fun and good company!


Saturday 1st of July 2017

Ha! Right now I think he is more worried about sharing the spotlight than looking forward to a buddy, but I think that will change as they get older! He does love a good party!


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

This shower looks like you had so much fun. This reminds me of my brother who has 4 boys who all played sports and he coached them as much as he could. Now one of his sons has 2 boys and they will be playing sports too. This would be the perfect birthday party for one of his sons. (Or maybe a baby shower if they have another boy sometime).


Saturday 1st of July 2017

It would make for a fun birthday party too! We really had a good time putting it together. Luckily most everything is really easy!