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All Aboard! Little Dude’s Train Themed Birthday Party

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A fun train themed birthday party for our little engineer!

20170513 160446

     How is it even possible that my little dude turned 4? It doesn’t seem quite right.

The funny thing is how hard it seems to be hitting me. My own birthdays have never affected me that way.

For instance turning 30 was like no big deal. I didn’t really have any of those “this is the last time I’ll be doing such and such in my twenties” feelings.

But little dude turning 4? Bring on all of the feelings!

I couldn’t help but get a little sad about cuddling my three year old for the last time or kissing him goodnight for the last time before he was a big four year old. It was a good thing he was SO excited about his birthday and kept me giggling or I might have actually broke out in tears!

The birthday festivities have been in the works for a while now. Ever since I made the Strawberries and (Sour) Cream Cake back in January he’s been asking for a strawberry train cake, except of course for the one week when he decided he wanted a candy corn cake instead!

20170514 182251

    So of course we made a train cake. I baked that recipe in loaf pans to make the basic rectangle shapes.

Then I glued them together with plenty of white chocolate buttercream. He was super excited about the final product and kept dragging a chair over by the buffet so he could get a closer look. His reaction definitely made the effort worth it.

20170514 112930

    To make his party even more festive, his daddy made some railroad crossing signs. I had originally thought we’d make something out of cardboard, but that husband of mine had other plans.

He did them in wood so we could put them in little dude’s room after the party. They turned out really well.

20170514 115304

     Before the party, my guys were busy laying train tracks while I finished the food. We really had a great time getting ready and it was fun to see our little ball of excitement run around and appreciate every little thing.

IMG 20170511 193156 712

    Of course our daycare friends needed treats too. He originally wanted to do monkey cupcakes again since they were such a hit last year.

However we eventually settled on Minions cupcakes instead. He basically made the banana cupcakes on his own and enjoyed helping to decorate them as well.

He helped load them in the box and then wanted to tape it shut so nobody could peek before snack time. He’s such a character!

So now we’ve done a train party, a pirate party, a plain old cake and milkshake party, and a cracker Jax party.  Now I wonder what next year’s party will be!

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